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Compression Garments

As part of the treatment for lymphedema. it is necessary to follow up with the use of graduated compression garments which maintain the reduction in the limb/limbs after treatment with MLD and CDT. Compression Dynamics, our subsidiary, is a full line dealer for over-the-counter garments in a wide variety of colors and types. For those not able to wear an over-the-counter garment, Michele provides custom fitting to ensure the patient is presented with the best option available.

Patients with vascular edemas may or may not need treatment, but usually will need the support provided by graduated compression garments. Michele works with the referring physicians to monitor the progress of her patients.

Garments are available from the following manufacturers:


In addition, there are specialized night and day garments for complicated or unusual situations. Most are custom made to the specifications of each individual. These are available from:


Michele is a certified fitter for all of the above manufacturers.

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