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Consegrity, a new approach to healing damaged tissue, is quickly becoming a beneficial tool in therapy. Consegrity was developed by an orthopedic surgeon from Derby, Kansas. Dr. Mary Lynch and her colleague, Debra Harrison, have researched the field of electromagnetics for the better part of 30 years. Throughout their research, Lynch and Harrison have closely worked with physicists and other scientists and in so doing have developed a means by which the therapist can communicate with the body to obtain crucial information regarding the patient's illness.


This technique begins with the healing process within the connective tissue and facilitates the normalization of pressure and tension within the tissue. This facilitation ultimately affects the integrity of the cell wall and the DNA. The treatment is nonspecific in that it does not matter what the disease process is.


Thus far, I have witnessed a reduction in chronic pain, inflammation, certain types of lymphedema, fatigue and trauma. I have also seen reversals of certain types of cancers. The treatment is not based so much on what I do as a therapist, as it is what the patient does with the information internally. At the present time, Consegrity is a part of what I do within my practice to help patients heal.


As I continue to use this treatment, I notice that more patients are seeing better results; in comparison to conventional modalities. Each day I learn more, mostly from the patients, and I feel fortunate to be able to help where other methods have failed. I encourage people to come and try this treatment before they give up or attempt more invasive treatments such as surgeries or medications. All too often, the results of these attempts cause other more serious complications and, in the case of medications, there could be harmful side effects. For more information, visit Consegrity.com or call Delmar Physical Therapy at (518)439-1485.



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