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Lymphatic Mapping


Lymphatic mapping is a means of enabling the practitioner to provide a more in depth evaluation of the lymph circulation. Developed by Bruno Chikly MD (France), this method of treatment gives the therapist a more specific method to determine the extent of damage to the lymphatic vessels.

By palpating the presence or lack of lymphatic flow and being able to determine the direction of alternative pathways, the therapist is able to provide a more in depth and efficient treatment plan. In situations where edemas don't respond to conventional treatment methods based upon the knowledge of "expected" pathways, there is often a more successful result when the manual lymphatic drainage and compression bandaging techniques are tailored to the individual's needs. This may require periodic re-evaluation during the treatment protocol as the body progresses through this process and makes its' changes.

Ms. Keleher has incorporated lymphatic mapping as an integral part of her treatment plan, especially in situations such as metastatic cancers and edemas due to trauma and surgery. Using this method she can determine differences from person to person.

The above picture illustrates the "mapping" method. The lines drawn indicate the direction of healthy flow that occurred following damage to the lymph nodes.


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