"After undergoing 36 radiation treatments for breast cancer, which destroyed the lymph nodes under my right arm, I developed severe lymphedema in my entire right arm. The protein in the fluid swelled up the arm and hardened like a rock. My oncologist only sent me to therapy when the condition became severe and literally broke open my skin. The therapist he sent me to said they did not know how to treat it because the protein hardened like a rock and they did not know how to break it up.

It was only after my niece checked the lymphedema society on the internet did I find Michele Keleher of Delmar Physical Therapy and Lymphedema Treatment Center in Delmar, New York. She was the only therapist who had the special training to break up the hardened protein. If I had not found her my arm probably would have become infected and would end up being useless or amputated.

My oncologist only sent me to ordinary therapists who did not have the advanced training to help me. To this date my arm has reduced 63%. You can get help for this terrible condition. Thank God for Michele."

- T.D., Schenectady, NY

"The unique treatment and massage therapy for lymphedema, i.e., Manual Lymph Drainage as given at Delmar Physical Therapy and Lymphedema Treatment Center, proved to be a godsend to me. Three weeks of such therapy reduced my swollen arm and hand to its normal size which I continue to maintain. I highly recommend this successful innovative approach to lymphedema."

- V.M., Albany, NY

"I went from doctor to doctor with upper extremity lymphedema and could hardly get a diagnosis, let alone treatment for my condition. It was only at Delmar Physical Therapy and Lymphedema Treatment Center that I was able to fully understand my condition, receive treatment to reduce the swelling and learn the skills needed to live comfortably with my lymphedema. I would, without hesitation, recommend Delmar Physical Therapy to anyone with lymphedema."

- J.S.-D, Schuylerville, NY

"Before I began treatment with Michele for lymphedema in my left arm, I experienced some pain and discomfort from the excess fluid in my arm. I was also self-conscious about the gradual enlargement of my arm. I also had little range of motion in my shoulder. After three treatments on my shoulder, I had full range of motion - and the treatment was neither painful nor uncomfortable.

The Manual Lymph Drainage and Decongestive Therapy were both new to me. I expected to be uncomfortalbe and poked and prodded. I had been through physical therapy and my expectations for this were the same - that I would work hard, and she would tell my I wasn't working hard enough. It didn't happen that way at all.

The treatments took about an hour and all I did was lie there while Michele very gently massaged my body, not just my left arm. I not only didn't work hard, but I was not allowed to do anything! It felt so wonderful. I was taught to bandage my arm between treatments and I could see the difference the treatments made and feel good about my progress. I could not have asked for a better experience. Michele, and her associate Robin, cared so much about how I was doing. They have become valued friends. When I took a fall and hurt my arm, Michele called me at home to see how I was. When I first started doing my own bandaging during the treatment period, I had some trouble getting it right. Michele allowed me to come in on a Saturday to redo my bandages. The care and compassion I received during the weeks of treatment, and ever since, have made as much difference as the actual physical treatments. Michele says, and I can verify, that she has committed her life to the treatment of lymphedema, and more importantly, to the care of those who are so afflicted. I strongly recommend Michele and her treatment techniques to anyone suffering from lymphedema. I am so glad I found my way to Delmar Physical Therapy Associates."

- C.F., Scotia, NY

If you wish to speak to one of our current patients, we will be happy to make the connection. Please leave a message in the e-mail portion of this site and arrangements will be made as soon as possible.

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