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Visceral Manipulation(SM)
Developed by Jean Pierre Barral, PT, DO


Thoracic Outlet Technique

Visceral Manipulation(SM) techniques consist of manual forces that encourage normal mobility and motion of the viscera and their related connective tissues. It is noninvasive, varies from patient to patient, depending upon the extent of dysfunction and creates harmony and health within the body.

This technique works with a variety of pain syndromes that do not respond to conventional physical therapy methods.

General Listening Technique


Following trauma, whether it be emotional or physical, there are changes in the connective tissue that affect the various organs in the body. The pulls of the connective tissue affect pressure above and below the diaphragm in the thoracic cavity and abdominal and pelvic regions.

Dysfunction irritates organ systems and creates imbalance between organs, their connective tissue and related bony structures. The result is chronic irritation within the body.


Commonly Treated Conditions:

Uro-genital dysfunction
Post-surgical scar tissue
Pelvic pain syndromes
Irritable bowel
Chronic pain conditions
Any connective tissue disorder
Cumulative trauma disorder

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